Community Energy Reliability Centers


Delano Energy Center

Stanton Energy Reliability Center


The Challenge

Southern California is experiencing power quality problems and reliability concerns due to the closure of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, the retirement of aging power plants, and gas storage challenges resulting from Aliso Canyon. Action must be taken now to ensure the power that enables our quality of life and growing economy is always there.

The Solution

The Community Energy Reliability Center (CERC) provides a unique solution to the electrical challenges in Southern California by:

  • Maximizing the use of solar and wind energy and creating a clean energy future for all Californians
  • Solving local electric reliability problems
  • Significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Eliminating the need for major new power lines in our communities


The Benefits

CERCs offer substantial economic benefits to the communities where they locate, including:

  • Major local taxpayer, providing funding for local services
  • Low demand on services
  • Construction jobs for local union contractors
  • Low traffic impact
  • Improved local electric reliability
  • Good neighbor and community sponsor
  • Complimentary architectural design crafted to blend with local buidings
  • Millions of dollars in construction materials, supplies and services purchased locally

In addition to these significant economic benefits, CERCs provide a broad range of environmental benefits including:

  • Increasing the use of wind and solar energy, efficiency, demand response, and other clean energy benefits
  • Lowering overall greenhouse gas emissions as compared to other alternatives

Click here to access the CERC Frequently Asked Questions.