Stanton Energy Reliability Center sees an outpouring of public support at the CEC’s Public Site Visit, Environmental Scoping Meeting, and Informational Hearing held on April 17, 2017

April 17, 2017 – Stanton, CA – The California Energy Commission held a Public Site Visit, Environmental Scoping Meeting and Informational Hearing for the Stanton Energy Reliability Center at the Stanton Community Center in Stanton California on April 17th, 2017. CEC Commissioner Janea A. Scott, and CEC Hearing Officer Kenneth Celli presided over the meeting. After a bus tour of the project, the meeting introduced the public to the CEC’s siting process and set forth the many ways the public could participate in the proceeding. Presentations were given by the CEC’s Hearing Officer, the CEC’s Project Manager, the CEC’s Public Advisor, and Stanton Energy Reliability Center, LLC. The meeting concluded with Public Comment, during which time there was a massive outpouring of support expressed for the project from local electeds, equipment suppliers, organized labor, and Stanton residents. Not a single negative comment was given. “Quite candidly, we are touched by the level of support the Station Energy Reliability Center is receiving form all stakeholders. We have put a great project together and people are very supportive,” said Kara Miles, President of Stanton Energy Reliability Center, LLC. Over 100 people attended the meeting. The complete transcript from the hearing can be found at: